CAR HOLDER Vivan CHS04 Gravity Sensor Car Stent

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Holder vivan CHS04 merupakan holder gravity slop otomatis yang di gunakan jika posisi HP berdiri namun tidak bisa stand miring

Vivan CHS04 Gravity Sensor Car Stent Black+Yellow

Brand : Vivan
Model : CHS04
Color : Yellow+Black
Material : ABS plastic + silicone sucker + silicone gel
Size : 125*95*100mm
Compatity : Suitable for 4.0~ 6.0" smartphone of all types

Pengenalan Produk

1. The use of gravity linkage principle, create Indonesia's first gravity bracket

2. Once you put the phone down to lock, and lift the phone to release, easier operation with one hand, eliminating the cumbersome steps

2. The caster, chuck tray, telescopic boom and boom angle can be adjusted to meet needs of any angle

3. Silicone sucker with stronger adsorption, firmly adsorbed on a clean and smooth surface. It also has a certain adsorption capacity on the surface of the cortex and particles

4. Boom design to make the phone closer to the driver, see more clearly

5. Automatic gravity chuck, reserved hole for charging

6. Suitable for 4.0-6.0 inch mobile phone

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